Are you being SEEN and HEARD in the noisy speaker marketplace?
I can remember... I Felt unseen.

I felt like an outsider most of my life. Some people may get me, but not ALL of me. 

For as long as I can remember, I struggled with being seen and heard.

I was afraid to step out, be a leader, and be seen. I’ve known there was something unique about me because of my presence and the gifts I have to share. I was not only unsure of how to share my gifts, but I was also uncertain of how they would be received.
When I first started my style business in 2006 I wanted to help others be seen.

I can still remember the first time I felt seen. I was doing some personal development work and the facilitator said to me, " You're a leader. You have a gift, but you shrink around other leaders. You don't show up."

That day changed my life. I knew it was time for me to show up. 

I knew she was right. I shrank around others who I thought were better leaders, better speakers, or more powerful than I.  

I transformed my presence through style. When I began to dress as if I owned the room, I started being seen as owning the room. I didn't always have a look and a presence that commanded a room but now I do.

When I dress like I matter….. I am seen. 

This gift had to be shared. I knew others like yourself wanted to be seen and express your leadership presence. 

What we put on the outside of our bodies is a deep reflection of our own inward self-evaluation.

If you think it doesn't matter then your belief is, you don't matter. 


If you think it's important but now isn't the time for one reason or another…..

I ask, why continue to not be seen? 

It's costing the world your gifts and presence.
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For Male Speakers Who Want To BE SEEN, Increase Confidence, Boost Speaking Fees, and Generate More Sales From Stage.

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Bella Verita, Founder

Learn the 6 secrets to a confident stage style

Secret #1: Improve sales with color psychology.
Discover the colors that invoke eye connection and stimulate feelings of believability and trust.
Secret #2: You can demonstrate authority through clothing.
When you're dressed on brand you will show up as an authority in your field.
Secret #3: Clothes can make you look younger.
When you're tired and have been traveling for days the right garments can make you look fresh even when you're exhausted. 
Secret #4: There are 4 levels of professional dress. 
Knowing the different levels of professional dress and which one to dress at for your audience will be the determining factor if they decide to listen to you within the first 3 seconds of your talk.
Secret #5: Dressing right for your body shape will boost your confidence on stage.
Most men dress the way they did when they had the most confidence which is usually right out if high school, college or fight before they got married. But your body has likely changed. Dressing to camouflage those unwanted areas will boost your confidence. 
Secret #6: Revealing the key to the biggest mistake. *Hint...Remember that stage backdrop?
If your meeting planner hasn't told you what the backdrop looks like. You could be making a HUGE mistake. 
Don't worry though, after working with The Speakewr Stylist you'll never make the mistake again.
What Our Clients Say
"It's not about looking good. But you can look inappropriate. Working with Bella can make all the difference in your pitch." 

~Oren Klaff, Author of Pitch Anything

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Bella Verita specializes in custom-made clothing, footwear and accessories crafted just for you. 
We have an extensive range of fabric outlets which gives us the ability to source almost any desired pattern. 
We have very few construction limitations. This allows us to create a style brand exclusively for you.  

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